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Will the Real Jill Please Stand up?

30 January 2014 50 Comments

Will the Real Jill Please Stand up?
5544263062 47fdabd5e7 Will the Real Jill Please Stand up?

Image by Jill Clardy
The challenge in the flickr-BINGO group this week was Warped Anime Self Portrait; I had no idea what that meant or how to do it, and I am really not into self portraits, so I thought I would pass on this week’s challenge (I didn’t have that number on my bingo card anyway.)

But on a rainy Sunday afternoon with time to kill, I started poking around in Photoshop filters and seeing what the other group members had come up with. I went to this web site to "transform" me:


kinda scary results ! Give it a try – you will be amazed!

1. IMG_9625 test, 2. IMG_9625 Mucha, 3. IMG_9625 Modigiliani, 4. IMG_9625 Masculine, 5. IMG_9625 Manga Cartoon, 6. IMG_9625 East Asian, 7. IMG_9625 Caucasian, 8. IMG_9625 Botticelli, 9. IMG_9625 Ape

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys

The real image is from a black tie event we attended last weekend; Santa Clara University Golden Circle Annual Gala Dinner Dance.

pixel Will the Real Jill Please Stand up?


  • Jill Clardy said:

    And here’s what I came up with in Photoshop after smoothing out wrinkles and laugh lines and forehead creases and age spots, blurring, filtering, posterings, warping, so many filters applied that I lost track of them…. yet there’s still a vague resemblance to the real deal….

    IMG_9625 Cartoon

  • DugJax said:

    Impressive work with both the real portrait and its many amusing variations!

  • floralgal said:

    WOW!!!!! How creative! These are fabulous!!!!~ I know the top left one is the "real you"! Very lovely, my friend….. some of those warped ones.. you must be very happy they "are NOT you" Hehe! Especially the bottom right one…

  • Expressions by Christine said:

    LMAO!! I love them all…..you have an amazing sense of humor(hehe at the ape and caucasian- definitely need a tanning bed). I really like the Modigliani version….very artsy.

  • *Lynne said:

    You really made my day–these photos must have had you giggling
    up a storm. That one in the center and lower right are downright
    scary, LOL!

  • Camelot5 said:

    big outtasite!! Very creative and very cool
    what else is a foto addict gonna do on Sunday?
    I’m playing w/ silly toys and colored egg shots

  • sherrYgibsoN~GoNe~liviNg iN Instagram LaNd Now said:

    OMG!!!!!!!! Hello You~~~~This is just toooo Fabulous!!!!!! I’m so glad You had time to kill,LOL!!!! And I agree, the Modigliani is verY artY….

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  • AGrinberg said:

    Strange stuff – Alice in Wonderland? Jill in Wonderland?

  • Michael Skelton said:

    Hey Jill! Nice to see you! I think it’s a nice photo of you

  • SALLYANNE0852 new profile said:

    How Cool.!

  • mag3737 said:

    very cool. the manga version of you came out much manga-looking-er than my face did with that gadget. my fave of you is the modigliani, though.

  • AZTransplant/Nicki said:

    I’d need a lot of different filters to try to mask all my flaws for sure! Nice collage. Glad you were brave enough to have some fun with it. Glad it was a rainy day so we got to see the many faces of Jill. :-)

  • Houry Photography -on/off said:

    Hello again, I am sure you had fun doing this ;) )) Fantastic work!!

  • KLnyc said:

    Nice job!
    You watching too much Twilights.

  • CircadianReflections Photography said:

    ROFL!! This is great! You have a wonderful sense of humor Jill! I’m not nearly as brave. Alien Jill looks so friendly, and the real Jill is lovely!

  • Mary StarMagic - said:

    some really cool variations – looks like you had a lot of fun with this one

  • idashum said:

    Awesome creations, Jill! Really interesting to see all the different versions, the textures and work put into it! The rainy weekend does have its advantages!

  • cortex55 said:

    Hi , nice to see you , Jill !
    I like your transformations – most of all the Modigliani version :-)

  • sew fab martha said:

    I loved your mosaic Jill! You inspired me to go ahead and play along too!!!

  • B T Manning said:

    Glad you tried it. Good job.

  • nobleup Coming Back Slowly said:

    So good to see You??? Very creative and interesting work….However what I see is a kind and generous Friend and a very skilled and wonderful photographer. Could be any of the faces above and is probably none of the above….doesn’t really matter.

  • Maureen Bond said:

    I really don’t know what to say…..you did it and it is on a scale of so funny to so scary! Kudos to you Jill!

  • Dwood Photography said:

    very very interesting….the bottom right one is a little scary if you don’t mind me saying

  • ¬©hapulcu said:

    Too fabulous indeed, looks like a super fun project.

  • konrad_photography said:

    That’s what rainy Sunday’s are for, right?? Very fun and creative … Nice to meet you!

  • Arjan Gerritsen said:

    Great serie :) .
    Very originial.

  • CBCK : Christine said:

    Great fun!

  • piyo02mel said:

    LOL! cool work Jill!

  • cup4tml said:

    Looks like a fun project, some good stuff!

  • DMarie on Flickr said:

    Wow!!! I will have to try this for my 52 week selfie. Very nice.

  • Kaptain Kobold said:

    The anime and Botticelli look great. But my favourite effect is the ape one; I still enjoy running pictures through that, even if I don’t always share the results :)

  • Kiki FL said:

    Well, aren’t you lovely! …the real you, that is. You got some interesting effects; some good, some not so much…I think I’d stick with the real thing.

  • ange.h said:

    Very creative with great character!

  • Born 2 Be Mild ~ said:

    I do believe I like the first one Jill but I am sure I look most like the last one when I get up in the morning.

  • colleensmiley said:

    LOL Mom – this is hilarious. I like the Botticelli one the best =)

  • nushuz said:

    :) Very creative.

  • helen sotiriadis said:

    i like the real deal and your favorite.
    and i love the whole thing!

  • Greg Lilly Photos said:

    The many faces of Jill….Excellent work!!!!

  • Tony's Place .... said:

    I know who the real Jill is …. of course its the pretty one!!

  • kay's kamera said:

    I like the Modigliani…But the real Jill beats them all!

  • Monty-e* said:

    i totally agree with Noble’s comment and it is very, very good to see you. Thank you for this Jill, I am very glad you did and flickrtoys can be fun!

  • **Ms Judi**? said:

    wow.. very creative and brave…
    well done Jill.. i must give it a try!! :)

  • adrians_art said:

    This is fun Jill and nice to meet you!!!

  • SALLYANNE0852 new profile said:

    HI Jill, thank you for this link. I had a long night of mindless pleasure making my own.

    I like the way yours turned out but didn’t dare find out how i would look with simian features.

    i agree with Kay. I love the real Jill…..so nice to see you!

  • JaveFoto said:

    Very cool Jill, it’s good to see you thanks for sharing going to try it myself:) Jave

  • Rob Pettengill said:

    I think you understood the assignment perfectly!

  • bonnie5378 said:

    well, well. well! which is the real Jill? these are sure fun images– great job- not sure which is my favorite :-)

  • Non Paratus said:

    How fun! It’s so interesting to see you in other personas.

  • Cybergabi said:

    Some of them are really hilarious. But I might prefer the original : )

  • Richard Thompson said:

    This is fantastic work, Jill! I really like 2 and 8 (clockwise), and nothing could spoil your good looks, except maybe that last edition mixing you with Dr. Zira.

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