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It's been nine years since Mean Girls . The ladies of Mean Girls are everywhere (see: Lindsay Lohan) but where are the guys?

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enhanced buzz 19281 1358265718 4 Where The Guys From Mean Girls Are Now


Real name Jonathan Bennett. He is 31-years-old now and reportedly used to date Matt Dallas from Kyle XY. He has since cut off his beautiful locks of hair and done several films, including playing a young Van Wilder in Van Wilder: Freshman Year and a Lifetime movie called Holiday High School Reunion. He's friends with Lance Bass.

enhanced buzz 14338 1358269516 0 Where The Guys From Mean Girls Are Now

Also, he's on twitter, and likes to reference Mean Girls:

enhanced buzz 19289 1358270115 4 Where The Guys From Mean Girls Are Now

Source: Buy Star Diazepam

enhanced buzz 32418 1358273989 0 Where The Guys From Mean Girls Are Now

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