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What Is The Difference Between A Portable Air Conditioner And Window Air Conditioner?

1 June 2011 One Comment

An air conditioner can make your day all the difference on a hot day or in the summer. As the weather heats up, the right air conditioner is ready to make the summer days and hot summer nights more comfortable.

So, what kind of options is available? Do you have to use a window air conditioner or portable air conditioner? What is the difference of the two? Here’s the explanation.

Window air conditioner is an AC which installed and secured in window frames and is meant to be kept there for the entire season. Window air conditioners taken air from outdoor and cooling it before releasing it into a room. The cooling process is quietly and quickly. Some air conditioning units can also purify and clean the air in your home or room by reducing dust and allergens.

Portable air conditioners are great for use in smaller area or enclosed like office or bedroom where local cooling is required. Consumers can save on energy and operation costs, by just choosing spot cooling. These units have the benefit of mobility, and they are very efficient and reliable, also easily rolled from room to room as needed. AC workings of this type is remove hot air from the room and released the hot air out of the room, then in use, portable ac should  be vented out of a window so hot air can be released.

Portable Air Conditioner 1024x756 What Is The Difference Between A Portable Air Conditioner And Window Air Conditioner?

The next question is how to choose the right size and type for our room. It is important to choose an AC with adequate BTUs for the size of the space. The right selection of the appropriate BTUs allows the AC to work optimally and produce the desired cooling. If too small, will not provide maximum results, and if too large is an action that is inefficient and AC performance was not as desired.

The size of the space is the most important aspect to consider, other factors such as the number of people normally in that room, also additional heat like windows should also need to be considered.

If the AC is for a kitchen, increase by 4,000 BTU’s, if it’s for very sunny room, increase BTU’s by 10%, if it is shady, decrease BTU’s by 10% and if more than two people normally in a single room, add 600 BTU’s for each additional person.

For details, please note the following table :

Window Air Conditioners

BTUs Sq Ft Approx. Room Dimensions
5,000 100 – 150 10’ x 12’
6,000 150 – 250 10’ x 20’
8,000 250 – 350 15’ x 20’
10,000 350 – 450 18’ x 22’
12,000 450 – 550 20’ x 25’
15,000 550 – 700 20’ x 30’
18,000 700 – 1000 22’ x 40’
24,000 1000 – 1500 25’ x 50’


Portable Air Conditioners

BTUs Sq Ft Approx. Room Dimensions
8,000 150 – 250 10’ x 20’
10,000 250 – 350 15’ x 20’
12,000 350 – 450 18’ x 22’
14,000 400 – 500 18’ x 25’
pixel What Is The Difference Between A Portable Air Conditioner And Window Air Conditioner?

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    NEVER allow anyone to smoke around these (or smoke anywhere, for cripe’s sakes!)


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