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Wee Westie’s Nuclear Ball

28 January 2014 59 Comments

Wee Westie’s Nuclear Ball
1659786179 0dbe0068b0 Wee Westies Nuclear Ball

Image by Randy Son Of Robert
Tommorrow marks my 1 year anniversary on Flickr. Thanks so much to all of you who have made it a really enjoyable hobby and re-ignited my interest in photography. Yoshi was my first post, so I thought it appropriate to post some pics of my little buddy to signify the event.

pixel Wee Westies Nuclear Ball


  • Mr. Ducke said:

    Congrats, Randy, on your year here! I know it’s been an eventful year for your family, but I’m glad you find the time to share so many beautiful photos here. And of course Yoshi is high on the list of everyone’s favorites..)

  • Randy Son Of Robert said:

    – Thanks so much Matt. What a cool group of contacts and friends I have made too. Thanks for your many visits to my photo stream this year.

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  • Mike-Lee said:

    Hey congrats mate! Nice to have met you & your family too…!

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  • Randy Son Of Robert said:

    – Nice to have met you too and all my wonderful Australian contacts. It seems that since I post late at night on the West coast of America, I do have a lot of contacts from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, etc.

  • ScarletPeaches said:

    You shouldn’t let your dog play down by the river you know LOL

    Great Shot!

  • Randy Son Of Robert said:

    – LOL.

  • Morag Reid said:

    ooooo… scary pup! Is he going out trick or treating like that? He could go as an alien.

    Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

  • Randy Son Of Robert said:

    – Yeah, really scary, uh huh. When this ball bounces, it starts to light up and flickers on and off. It is pretty cool.

  • sudergal said:

    Flickr puts a little light in our lives like the ball lights up his.

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  • 1blessedmom Photography said:

    Cute! I hope the ball doesn’t make Yoshi glow too much. Cool ball for her. Congratulations on your 1st year! Yoshi sure makes a great subject for photography.

  • dtrickle69 (Dan) said:


  • Randy Son Of Robert said:

    He usually rips these balls apart, but I think he likes this one because it is still intact and still glowing. Yoshi is my most willing, living subject, for sure.

    Thanks! I’ll let him know.

  • Jodyg22 said:

    Congrats. Your photos are always amazing. Thank you for making my days. :)

  • Randy Son Of Robert said:

    You’re very kind Jody. Thanks.

  • westietess said:

    Great photo of Yoshi and what a cool toy!

  • jazz&catlover said:

    Congratulations on your Flickr anniversary! Your dog is soooo cute and is a good companion to help you celebrate.

    Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

  • Mel's Place said:

    Happy Flickr Anniversary! I’ve so enjoyed your MANY wonderful shots, PS creations, and advice. You are one of the reasons I love flickr!

    …and many more!!

  • Sheltie/Shepherd Lover said:

    Happy 1st flickr anniversary!!!! You’re an awesome contact and little Yoshi makes a great subject for flickr!!!!
    Such an adorable shot of him!!!!

  • Randy Son Of Robert said:

    Thanks Teresa! My westie owner contacts are some of my faves.

    Thanks so much Doris. He is a great companion. Thanks for your faithful friendship on Flickr.

    The sentiment is mutual Mel. Thanks so much for all your visits, comments and faves over the last year.

    Kathy, you are a great contact also. Thanks for all your kind comments, faves, invites and views. (i love those fall shots of yours).

  • Walkinonsunshine said:

    Happy Anniversary!!!! It’s been great having you here and getting to know you and your family through your photography! :)

  • now gone said:

    Awww Yoshi is so darn cute, love that ball, what a riot, talk about glow in the dark, hope he doesn’t play with in the middle of the night! Happy Flickr Anniversary to you both!

  • P-D-B said:

    Thats a great shot! Congratulation to your anniversary!

  • Kathleen Tyler Conklin said:

    Love this with the nuclear ball! Congratulations on a great year on flickr. I really enjoy your photos!

  • SAKmd said:

    Happy Anniversary, Randy! I like that remote flash unit your dog is using.
    You’re invited to post this picture in Everyday is SUNday!
    Everyday is SUNday!
    (invited photos only – comment to right)

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  • mquest foto said:

    happy one year-

    the glowing ball – gives yosi a nice sinister look :)

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  • lemieuxgraphics said:

    Happy Flickr Anniversary Randy! You have posted many wonderful photos that we have enjoyed over the past year and I know you will continue to do so. You have a true talent. This is my favorite of the glowing Yoshi shots because you can see his adorable face!
    What a joy your photos are! Thanks and love to you, your sister, Karen

  • Torri 479 said:


    Ha, ha! (Westie is such a cuties!)

  • Jimmy - home now said:

    You are wicked, Randy! You are a sick puppy, :-)

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  • Mary Butterfly said:

    Hi to Randy and his glowing dog, Yoshi…. What joy all your pictures have brought to all your family and friends…..Happy anniversary and many, many more good years on flicker. Yoshi is a great poser.

  • Nalliadncr said:

    That is too funny.

  • Leftess said:

    Happy Anniversary, Randy!! It’s been a joy getting to know you and your family, and of course Yoshi!! btw, Yoshi looks… simply glowing! ;) ;)

  • iceman9294 said:

    I think I may have passed my 1 year! Congrats and awesome shot!

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  • babka_babka said:

    wow thats a spooky ball :)


    please keep posting your fab westie pics in our pool

  • islanddreams132 said:

    lmao great and funny shot

  • sarahsflickr said:


  • BeckyBrinkley said:

    Wow! :) What a lovely present for dear Yoshi!

  • artofgold said:

    Oooooooh, what a great shot!
    Happy Anniversary on a year in Flickr!!

  • shels_bells said:

    Great toy, congratulations on a year!

  • ezz_eddie said:

    Kirby would love to have a ball like that to play with. Westie’s make a good subject for taking pictures. I’m into my second year on Flickr and I found taking pictures is more than pushing the (Easy Button) to get great pics. But I’ll keep trying.

  • janet_helen53 said:

    great picture

  • foreveravalon said:


  • Odie - Odysseus of the Doggie World said:

    What a cutie! Great shot – love how you captured Yoshi with the glowing green ball in his mouth! Great name for an adorable dog, btw.

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  • Odie - Odysseus of the Doggie World said:

    ~I SNIFFED out this wonderful image!
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  • Wei said:

    Congrats on the anniversary Randy, and whoa that is one awesome glowing ball! It must really drive Yoshi wild! :-)

  • HegsyL said:

    JOin the club, CONGRATULATIONS :D

  • xmarine1973 said:

    This pic is so awesome!

  • DianeMerced said:

    cute and …..congrats

  • swatchx said:

    so cute.

  • minty_moos said:

    I think my Westie would love that ball :-) Great shot.

  • studiolara316 said:

    Does it get any better than this?! Just awesome!

  • Familia en Jeans said:

    We love your Westies pics!!!!

  • Liz is moving! said:

    aww! so cute!

  • underdaw1 said:


  • photoman356 said:

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  • SusannahLauren said:

    b e a utiful x x

  • eyesforlies said:

    Love the photo. Featured it on my blog. What a cutie!

  • fewstingscorpio said:

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    I really love your photo!
    Incredibly cute!

  • AlexTurton said:

    lovely dog and shot

  • BeverlyPurvis said:

    Thanks for this lovely photo. I just used it in a recent article on my blog dogsarena.com

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