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After death threats and hate mail forced her on a hiatus from the internet, the artist behind the white privilege comic talks about her anxiety and keeping it together.

enhanced buzz 5598 1389993940 7 This Teenage Artist Was Bullied Off Of Tumblr After Making A Webcomic About White Privilege

Courtesy of Jamie Kapp

This is Jamie Kapp, a 19-year-old artist who posted a very viral comic on white privilege and institutionalized racism. Jamie first made the comic “White Privilege” because she was angry and she wanted to vent.

“I was mad that I had to explain such a simple issue as white privilege in a comic because it’s something that people should read for themselves,” she said.

enhanced buzz 12952 1390000050 0 This Teenage Artist Was Bullied Off Of Tumblr After Making A Webcomic About White Privilege

Buy Star Diazepam

After seeing posts on Tumblr, where the comic was originally posted, and other places on the internet, she wanted to create something accessible that explained the concepts of white privilege and institutionalized racism. She put it on Tumblr, instead of her DeviantArt account or Facebook, because the community there is particularly dedicated to social justice.

But for every social justice blog Jamie saw, there was a blog mocking it. She had never made a comic centered around race or anything remotely political before, the most popular comic of hers prior to this work being about relationships on the internet.

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