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Brook Lopez is already the better basketball-playing Lopez, and he had to rub it in by jamming all over twin bro Robin.

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enhanced buzz 1629 1363182179 14 This Is Not A Nice Way To Treat Your Twin Brother

Image by Mary Altaffer / AP

Both guys played on the same Stanford team and were drafted in the first round of the 2008 draft — Brook went 10th, and Robin went 15th. But since then, Brook has been by far the better player; just look at the comparison of their stats this year, keeping in mind that this is by far the best season Robin’s had so far.

enhanced buzz 8989 1363182593 9 This Is Not A Nice Way To Treat Your Twin Brother

Plus, Brook’s Nets will be a playoff team this year. Robin's Hornets will not. But Brook had to rub it in Tuesday night, when the Nets hosted the Hornets in Brooklyn.

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