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Street Pano in Roskilde
8604591200 dc9e49980e Street Pano in Roskilde

Image by Buy Star Diazepam
A view to the west from the 3rd floor to a typical street in Roskilde and the "Skyline". The houses are nothing special, but typical for the 1st half of the 20th Century. They are made of burned bricks, covered with plaster and painted in modest colours. Why you ask? I have no idea! =D

Perhaps it’s done because it can be done and/or because people back then didn’t fancy the "organic" look of the bricks? Later in time brick burning became highly industrialized and the brickworks were able to make a streamlined (=boring) product without any "faults" on the brick surface.
It’s a bit funny, how some people now are asking for bricks with a "retro-look", and the brick-factory has to make the bricks look old artificially =)

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