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Organ Holiday with Ethel Smith

30 January 2014 32 Comments

Organ Holiday with Ethel Smith
3203737346 c9f87e61e2 Organ Holiday with Ethel Smith

Image by kevin dooley
Hope you enjoy some of the cover art from my record collection… Please visit my home page to see all 18 pics from today.

Organ Holiday with Ethel Smith

pixel Organ Holiday with Ethel Smith


  • NordicHeart-OFF said:

    all of them they are looking great! u have an impresive collection!!!

  • marin.tomic said:

    heheh nice!

  • Standing Hawk said:

    This one rocks I bet!

  • Mary Trebilco said:

    Wow… talk about a trip down memory lane!!
    Not that I’ve ever heard of Ethel Smith…lol… but it looks as if this would be way way back in someone’s memory lane!! ;-)

  • larsvandegoor.com said:

    Cool series !

  • rubenss(slow..... said:

    very expressive.

  • Trinimusic2008 - Stay blessed said:

    I love the hairstyle the fashion, the posture……….it’s all good! Have fun this weekend, Kevin:)

  • Guylaine_B said:

    Cool collection dear Kevin!

  • CELIA..... said:

    You must have lots of records collection. Great idea and shot..

  • D_C_D said:

    i like the title
    gives ethel a sexy vibe

  • *BOJ* said:

    LOL. What a collection you have. Ethel rules!

  • t4tO_ said:

    i love this collection Kevin…thanks for sharing! :)

  • chrisps said:

    very interesting, busy now but hope to view rest later!!!

  • rkramer62 said:

    Wonderful collection — I was hoping at least one would ring a bell with me — maybe I’m too young. :) It’s amazing how far album art/production –the whole ball of wax — has come between now and then.

  • sREe inspired. said:

    you have got some great collections my friend…

  • KLnyc said:

    I like your odie collection.. Man, I wish you can collect cars like you were collect albums :)

  • Malage21 said:

    estupenda colección!! MJ

  • ? jon argos ? said:

    …ok, Kevin, what a fantastic collection…I love it. I can’t wait to see more. Hope you’re having a great weekend, my friend. :~}

  • Che-burashka said:

    very sweet! My auntie has got huge collection as well but i never tried to make photo of them:-)

  • ? Hazed ? said:

    oh very cool :)

  • i_still_believe_in_u said:

    i feel a fave binge coming on!

  • kstoon said:

    oh those were the days! (i’m sure she made beautiful music on the organ but i must admit that i was never happier than the day our church organ was struck by lightning :-)

  • goorn23 said:


  • Moon Shine Photography said:

    My mom used to play the organ!!! She looked better than Ethel here, but I hated that music!! I was brought up with Elvis!!! She played "Yellow Bird" every night before she went to bed…I truly HATE and LOVE that song!!! LOL LOL Great photo!!! You paid $2.90 for that album? Dang you must be rich???

  • Aamir Yunus said:

    Fabulous capture!
    Outstanding Shots Outstanding Shot! Please add this to our pool!
    (Join Outstanding Shot group and give awards!)
    Please add "Outstanding Shots" tag to your photo
    invited with SICI (2008-11-19)

  • ~lala~(Lisa) said:

    He he…cracks me up…I don’t know why…it just does…thanks, Kevin.

  • reiffgladys said:

    A Big FaveA Big Fave
    You are invited to add this image to http://www.flickr.com/groups/bigfave
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  • cikguyang said:

    Nice!! Thanks for sharing..

  • Bee-lee said:

    chrchrchr… :-D

  • ramparts54 said:

    Another great find! I was thinking of you at Goodwill last weekend, but it was too crowded to look at much there. I did pick up a jello mold with a crab figure on it – for my July cancerian collection.

  • hammondrobb said:

    Timcat Productions’s Lee Arboreen has just created a piece of nostalgia, with his vido tribute to the late, great, Hammond organist, Ethel Smith. The video can be viewed on Youtube at

  • clompio said:

    Great image!

    I am working with a company called North Star Games (We make family-friendly board and card games). We are designing a new card game that is scheduled to come out this fall; it’s a quick, simple and fun game about giving gifts. Each card is a gift, and each gift is described with some text, and shown with a fun and unique photograph like yours. There are a total of 200 card/gifts in the game.

    The team found your photograph pictured above, and we think it would be a perfect fit for our new game. My reading of your terms of use for your photo is "some rights reserved," that is, you allow use of this photo at no cost as long as it is not modified and as long as attribution is given. I wanted to get confirmation of this so we can move ahead with using your photo. We will gladly credit your name in our rules booklet if you would like. And we are happy to send you a free copy of the game when it is finished.

    Please let me know, as we’d like to wrap up the creation of the game as soon as possible. Thanks very much.

    Bayard Catron

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