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On the bright side…

30 January 2014 20 Comments

On the bright side…
121247105 079622a4e2 On the bright side...

Image by drl.
so the bad news is that my pics are falling out of interestingness like i have the plague. the good news is that they’re all number one. for a day. icon wink On the bright side...

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys.

1. bug, 2. blue pews, 3. Noite de São João, 4. Untitled, 5. #216 part 2, 6. shadows, 7. Untitled, 8. lixo,

9. Untitled, 10. far from (being a) home, 11. McCarro, 12. Strains of Benny Goodman, 13. World Cup Semifinal (ladeira), 14. Untitled, 15. roda gigante, 16. magritte2,

17. sao-vito-project-(i), 18. (from the former city of new orleans), 19. playground, 20. early morning-rain, 21. cityscape, 22. telephone, 23. World Cup semifinal (family), 24. gold tips (2),

25. badsaojoao, 26. Untitled, 27. pulley, 28. banca de revista/magazine stand, 29. Untitled, 30. whole telephone picture, 31. Carinha, 32. #11,

33. finestra, 34. "Litres of Colour", 35. bienal windows, 36. blue pews, 37. World Cup Semifinal (Olodum 3), 38. World Cup Semifinal (Didá 3), 39. trite, 40. consertando/fixing,

41. powering the art, 42. resting, 43. Untitled, 44. Streetcar named Coca-Cola (I), 45. Untitled, 46. Untitled, 47. streetcar named pleasures (a.k.a. streetcar named coca-cola ii), 48. linea 152,

49. lucky composition.., 50. Untitled, 51. self portrait, 52. Untitled, 53. rust and cross, 54. Untitled, 55. posing (but not for me), 56. chelsea morning,

57. Untitled, 58. Untitled, 59. catedral, 60. Auburn Avenue, 61. whoknows, 62. Itamaraty, 63. camelias, 64. ghandis,

65. revitalização/revitalization, 66. Sold everywhere, 67. congressonacional, 68. Rede Globo, 69. São Vito (saturated), 70. green door, 71. whistle(2), 72. caldo de cana,

73. fusca, 74. Untitled, 75. magritte1, 76. a prece, 77. Senadores ladrones

pixel On the bright side...


  • drl. said:

    okay, this is funny

  • [kren] said:

    I think it was for the Aprilsfool day, I clicked on it and saw all the cats, and one minute later they were all gone!

  • drl. said:

    oops, i thought this was private. oh well.

    i think this month is even better…

  • [kren] said:

    Sorry to intrude :)

  • Ingrid! said:

    ha! hilarious.

  • drl. said:

    i know… i´ve never made one of these interestingness mosaics, but how could i resist this?

  • Jakes_World said:

    you couldn’t. neither could I. :)
    Happy April Fools!

  • Mr Geoff said:

    I’m glad you did! These are great! (Unfortunately, I have no cats at all!)

  • Jakes_World said:

    yours is bigger than mine.

  • drl. said:

    but you have more cats.

  • Jakes_World said:

    5 cat pics + one cat who isna mine. And has a flowerpot on his head.

  • drl. said:

    well, my score is
    1 cat
    2 streetcars named coca-cola + 1 coke sign (correction: 2)
    1 mccarro
    2 drag queens…

  • Jakes_World said:

    I was kinda hoping your mother’s table would have made #1… :)

    and where’s the other drag queen and how did I miss it?

  • soleá said:

    you re not the only one.. i have the plague too.. since flickr moved to the US my fotos are banned from explore page and interestingness.. i wrote mails to admi but they haven’t replied.. kind of sucks

  • drl. said:

    solea, i bet they put a block on your photos because of your nude shots although you upload those as private now so there shouldn´t be a problem now… i think it´s time to send another e-mail to them.

  • First Contact said:

    I don’t think I’ve ever had that many pics on explore…and possibly less now too. Meh.

  • drl. said:

    i probably have less now, too.

  • Photochiel said:

    I have the same problem. I used to have a ‘score’ of about a 100 pics. Now it’s degraded to about 65. Weird things : )

  • drl. said:

    and when i did this they were all number one and now they´re all number 457.

  • Photochiel said:

    Maybe that’s why they still call it Flickr "Beta" ; )

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