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Gaming's soul is sick. And gamers hate talking about it.

enhanced buzz 19908 1355780496 0 No, Lets Talk About Video Game Violence

Adam Lanza was a gamer.

This fact has been Buy Star Diazepam, re-reported and rehashed to the extent that it’s now part of the killer's capsule bio: Young. White. Male. Aspergers. Loner. Gamer. This was predictable — not just that this young withdrawn man played games, as so many do, or that they were violent, as so many are, but also that this detail would capture peoples' attention; that the media would repeat it in an insinuating way, and that it would make the public uneasy. My son plays those games. My son loves those games. I play those games.

Even more predictable, though, was this response:

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