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[ 31 May 2011 | No Comment ]

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is in custody after crashing into a patrol car in Florence, Italy, and sending two police to the hospital!
The Jersey Shore star said having hit the back of the police car and crashed her own vehicle into the space between the highway protection wall and police car.
There are two police officers in the car which Snooki hit by, they were taken to Coreggi hospital to be treated for bruises and possible injuries, while put on stretchers with their necks stabilized.
Deena Cortese is in the passenger seat and …

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[ 30 May 2011 | No Comment ]

Sean Kingston had Jet Ski accident, Sunday, at 06.00 PM local time on the coast of Miami. According to the report, Kingston suffered injuries severe enough to be in care at the Ryder Trauma Unit, Jackson Memorial Hospital.
The “Beautiful Girls” singer reportedly was driving a jet ski with his girlfriend, when suddenly crashed into a Palm Island bridge pillar. Sean injured and pulled out a lot of blood when Jonathan Rivera, a member of the Coast Guard to help him.
Rivera was having problems because the size of Kingston’s large body. …

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[ 28 May 2011 | No Comment ]

Gil Scott-Heron,62, Soul legend and “Godfather of Rap” died Friday afternoon at St. Luke’s Hospital in New York City. Scott-Heron was HIV positive and struggled with drug addiction throughout out his life and reportedly became sick after returning from a trip to Europe. The cause of his death is still unconfirmed.
Scott-Heron was most well-known for his ’70s song The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. He wrote this song when he was only 18 then he released The Revolution Will Not Be Televised when he was 21.
The Soul Legend began performing …

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[ 26 May 2011 | No Comment ]

Government of Serbia has arrested Ratko Mladic, the brutal Bosnian Serb army general in the 1990s wars in the Balkans.
Ratko Mladic, 69, is responsible for the massacre thousands of Bosnian Muslims. He is also responsible for the killing of 8000 Bosnian Muslims, near the city of Srebrenica.
Mladic has been wanted by the International Court in The Hague, Netherlands for long time.
The arrest of Mladic was announced by the President of Serbia, Boris Tadic, Thursday, May 26, 2011. He was immediately taken to jail in The Hague.

In a press conference in …

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[ 26 May 2011 | No Comment ]

MNSBC anchor of “The Ed Show,”Ed Schultz is thought for his attacks on Republicans. However it’s too far when he labeling Laura Ingraham a “right wing slut.”
Schultz said that on his Tuesday radio show. He apologized for his comments on his Wednesday TV show, but MSNBC suspended Schultz for one week without pay.
Indeed, those words are too sharp to be said in any media. Here we have quoted the sentence you can judge for yourself:

“President Obama is going to be visiting Joplin, Mo., on Sunday but you know what they’re …

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[ 25 May 2011 | No Comment ]

Tennis star Anna Kournikova will be part of NBC’s popular weight-loss competition next season, as a spokesperson confirmed. “The Biggest Loser” has a fair larger announcement to create on Tuesday’s finale.
The 29-year-old Russian is filling the empty slot that’s being vacated by Jillian Michaels, as she says goodbye to concentrate on family.
This news first reported by X-17, saying that her $9 million Florida estate was placed on the market earlier this month in order that Kournikova might relocate to LA for the show.
“We intentionally tried to not replace Jillian,” Todd …

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[ 24 May 2011 | No Comment ]

Finally, today Infinity Ward released the official trailer of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, after a few weeks ago had been a leak some teaser.
Last week they gave a few short teasers that do not say much about the game, but today, Activision has released a trailer with game footage. And you can see for yourself that it looks very impressive.
Let us hope that this trailer is not the best thing that Infinity Ward gave when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 officially released on November 8.

Apparently all you …

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[ 23 May 2011 | No Comment ]

Tornado hit Joplin, Missouri, Sunday night, making the third city in ruins. Strong winds are making everything in its path were destroyed, some debris even wind up to 112 kilometers.
There has been no official report about the number of victims. However, until this news published, at least 89 people were killed. Lynn Onstot, a spokesman for the city of Joplin, confirmed the death is estimated more than that.
The houses are mostly made of wood collapsed, cars overturned in the wind, and trees ripped from their roots. The road is still …

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[ 22 May 2011 | No Comment ]

After the last eruption occurred in 2004,Grimsvotn, Iceland’s most active volcano once again erupted on Saturday, but the eruption is expected not to have much effect on air traffic as Eyjafjallajokull eruption lastyear.
Icelandic Meteorological Office confirmed that Grimsvton volcano eruption has begun accompanied by small earthquakes and thick smoke rising high from the mountain which lies below Vatnajokull glacier in southeast Iceland.
Fly zones have been established as far as 220 miles. Isavia, the company that operates and develops all airport facilities and air navigation services in Iceland, said that it …

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[ 22 May 2011 | No Comment ]

Hello there… It was 21 May 2011 and likely nothing will happen. This Saturday will be skipped with activities such as the previous Saturday. And once again, the preacher prediction was WRONG!
Yesterday Harold Camping and his Family Radio was busy campaigning that the end of the world will come, now all been proven, time is still running, the world is still spinning and on Monday we will return to our respective busy, rumbling campaign around the country and even to the whole world suddenly silent, quiet no more cries of …