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They are shaved for the same role where he dresses in drag .

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enhanced buzz 18018 1354034147 2 Jared Leto Has No Eyebrows


Sans eyebrows with glasses, still hot.

enhanced buzz 18588 1354034106 3 Jared Leto Has No Eyebrows

Image by Theo Wargo / Getty Images

This is familiar look for him, In “Fight Club” his eyebrows were bleached.

enhanced buzz 18574 1354034134 3 Jared Leto Has No Eyebrows

If there is an Oscar category for “Best Chameleon Eyebrows” I think we know who is getting it. Okay, so that’s probably not a category, but I know for a fact there is a category for “Most Dedication to Eyebrow transformation” which he'll probably win.

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