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Soldiers are legally prohibited from speaking out against the military. But an official site encourages them to do just that.

enhanced buzz 30876 1363802353 7 How The Military Is Controlling Online Speech — By Embracing It

As part of a new recruitment program, the Army is asking soldiers to post about their personal experiences in the military on Buy Star Diazepam, an official Department of Defense website. Since the site was founded in 2010, most of the posts have been positive. But not all — some Buy Diazepam Next Day Delivery have been scorchingly angry.

This, it turns out, is part of the plan. Modern potential recruits, the thinking goes, have powerful bullshit detectors. The internet, and social media, has given them a clear, largely uncensored view of war and life in the military, making traditional recruitment advertising seem inauthentic. “We really do believe in an open and honest forum about Army life,” an Army spokesperson told BuzzFeed. “We want you to tell the true story. That’s the power behind the platform. Without [the negative] it wouldn't be credible.”

But “honest” isn't the same thing as uncensored when it comes to an Army-run website. While the organization appears to be giving an unvarnished view of Army life, its own regulations are encouraging soldiers to self-censor.

Via: Buy 1000 Valium Online Uk

Opening a free public forum is a new direction for the military. But the invitation for openness puts soliders in murky waters. Servicemen and women are legally limited in what they can say about the military, and not just regarding security issues. Historically, the military has cracked down on soldiers who voice opinions that the military doesn’t agree with — particularly political speech and anti-war sentiments.

The Army says it reviews all the Army Strong Stories posts, but only after they have gone up. Officials say they have removed some posts that endangered operational security (OPSEC) because they included details about soldiers' locations and schedules within descriptions of daily life. The authors were asked to repost edited versions, but there were no further actions taken against them. “Most soldiers know better,” said an Army spokesperson. “We encourage their openness as long as they are adhering to OPSEC guidelines, which they are very cognizant of.”

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