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How did you celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

30 April 2012 No Comment

The Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo has crossed the border with former Mexican nationals and has become a popular holiday in the United States. Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in a variety of ways, but it typically involves food, parades or activities with a Mexican flavor. Despite its popularity, however, there are many Americans who do not see the point of celebrating the holiday or take offense at the mere suggestion they might do so.

One person curious about the celebration of Cinco de Mayo is clearly not one to celebrate herself. She noted locally for her, the “celebration” of the holiday was the arrest of numerous illegal aliens and their deportation to their native country.

Another answer noted an increase of DWI/DUI checkpoints, which was understandable when considering the fact that for some celebrants, a large part of the holiday’s celebration is imbibing alcohol.

When queried how they spent Cinco de Mayo, some people said they went salsa dancing and drank margaritas and Coronas, a Mexican beer. Others shared stories of having a meal of Mexican cuisine, including enchiladas, refried beans, salsa and tortilla chips. Some noted that while they are not Mexican and do not care to celebrate the holiday, they are happy to consume Mexican food regularly. Still others noted, tongue in cheek, that they feasted on Taco Bell to celebrate the holiday.

One response noted that Spanish classes in school usually mark the holiday with a celebration. This response, however, showed the individual’s lack of understanding, noting the celebration in class would be “something weird.” Another response was that while the individual did not celebrate, the Mexicans that lived in the same area held a celebration the weekend prior to Cinco de Mayo.

Numerous people pointed out they are not Mexican and would not bother to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Others chose to celebrate the day by proudly resorting to American pastimes, namely cracking open a beer and sitting back to watch a baseball game. Another response given was that the individual did not celebrate Cinco de Mayo but instead feasted on a cheeseburger with lots of Mayo, another reference to American culture.

Still others found humor either in their celebration of the day or in creating a sarcastic response to the question. One noted he gave his gardener (a job that is stereotypically held by a Mexican illegal or another Hispanic individual) some of his old clothes and “a whole hour for lunch.” He then further showed his lack of tolerance for other ethnicities by sharing his strong desire to hire an American to fill the position. Another noted he spent time on Cinco de Mayo drinking a beer while sitting on the deck and watching the contractor (another job stereotypically held by an Hispanic) work on his land.

Another individual felt the need to share his obvious distaste at the idea of celebrating a holiday primarily focused on Mexican culture by noting his idea of celebration for Cinco de Mayo was to “hold a wake for the American way of life.”


pixel How did you celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

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