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[ 8 May 2012 | No Comment ]

When one thinks of the term brass monkey, the first thing that comes to mind is the New York City musical trio otherwise known as The Beastie Boys. One of the Beastie Boys’ most well know songs is brass monkey.
Ever since the recent and surprising passing of 1/3 of the Beastis Boys’ group member Adam Yauch, there has been a lot of music industry buzz about the group and its music. Most notedly, the song brass monkey has been one of the most popular topics of discussion in connection …

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[ 2 May 2012 | No Comment ]
Who is Prettier? Beynonce

 When comparing celebrities, there are usually differing opinions on which actor, actress or singer is the most attractive. When asked however, people seemed to feel that Jessica Simpson was more attractive than Victoria Justice. One voter pointed out she was basing her vote on natural beauty, and she thought Jessica Simpson was much prettier in terms of natural beauty.
One voter, while choosing Jessica Simpson, noted he was a fan of Ariana Grande over both Jessica Simpson and Victoria Justice. Another voter, however, seemed to think that neither actress was attractive …

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[ 1 May 2012 | No Comment ]
Why Can't 30% of Americans Remember 9/11?

According to recent news reports, as many as 30 percent of the American people cannot recall what year the infamous attacks of September 11, 2011 took place in. These results are from a major newspaper that took a poll of hundreds of people who heard about the attacks where the new world trade center is currently being built.
As the country is approaching the 11th anniversary of these attacks which took nearly 3,000 lives of our fellow Americans, it is now focusing on the same site where the new world trade …

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[ 30 Apr 2012 | No Comment ]

The Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo has crossed the border with former Mexican nationals and has become a popular holiday in the United States. Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in a variety of ways, but it typically involves food, parades or activities with a Mexican flavor. Despite its popularity, however, there are many Americans who do not see the point of celebrating the holiday or take offense at the mere suggestion they might do so.
One person curious about the celebration of Cinco de Mayo is clearly not one to …

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[ 18 Jul 2011 | Comments Off ]

The daughter of real estate mogul Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, has officially become the mother of her first daughter, Sunday in New York City. But the name of the beautiful healthy little girl, has not been announced.
Ivanka Trump, 29, who married the owner of the New York Observer newspaper, Jared Kushner in October 2009, announced the birth of her daughter through twitter. She tweet:

“Welcomed a beautiful little girl and healthy into the world.” “We feel very grateful and blessed. Thank you all for your support and well wishes” 
Well, congratulation.

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[ 15 Jun 2011 | No Comment ]

Natalie Portman has officially become a mother. Benjamin Miilepied fiance, has given birth to her first baby boy, as People Magazine’s reported.
The”Black Swan” choreographer and The 2010 Best Actress Oscar winner has become a new parent, seven month after they engaged and announced the Portman’s pregnancy.

The couple met on the set of Black Swan’ where Benjamin Millepied , which is a principal dancer in the New York City Ballet, choreographed the movie dances and he also played as Portman partner on screen.
There have been no further reports about the length …

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[ 14 Jun 2011 | No Comment ]

Sean Bean who often acted as amazing character in the movies, was attacked by a bar patron, Sunday evening. Bean was reported injured in the incident.
A bar staff said Sean Bean was out leaving the bar, and a moment later he came back with bruises on his his eyebrow and a cut on his  arm.
This incident takes place at the Hill Bar and Brasserie in Camden, north London. Sean Bean which is played as Boromir in Lord of the Rings and now starring in the Game of Thrones, visited a …

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[ 31 May 2011 | No Comment ]

Once again, hoax news about celebrities who died circulating on the Internet. This time the victim is Will Smith. The actors reportedly fell from a height during the ongoing filming for his latest movie.
I do not know who started spreading and responsible for this thing, but it’s clearly far from the truth. It seems that the news creators only wants a moment of fame on the Internet or want the traffic that suddenly exploded into their websites, such as the modus operandi of most other hoax news makers.
For those of …

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[ 31 May 2011 | No Comment ]

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is in custody after crashing into a patrol car in Florence, Italy, and sending two police to the hospital!
The Jersey Shore star said having hit the back of the police car and crashed her own vehicle into the space between the highway protection wall and police car.
There are two police officers in the car which Snooki hit by, they were taken to Coreggi hospital to be treated for bruises and possible injuries, while put on stretchers with their necks stabilized.
Deena Cortese is in the passenger seat and …

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[ 29 May 2011 | No Comment ]

Alanis Mariette released a video of her new song “Into A King”, a song to commemorate the first anniversary of her marriage to Mario “Mc Souleye” Treadway.
The couple was married a year ago this month, and has been blessed with a boy.

Check Into A King the video below. The Lyrics of the song can be found after the video.
Happy anniversary for you both…

Here is the Alanis Morissette Into A King Lyrics:
It started harmless enough
Animal infatuation
But something within it prevailed
You were a sweet amalgamation
Of all the parts i have loved
The hottest …