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Getac V200 Getac V200 Rugged Convertible Notebook

Toughness and durability is not normally the features that you would see in most notebooks available in the market today. But there are certain situations where a notebook with such properties may be required. When certain situation calls for tougher and more durable notebooks, the Getac V200 may fit the bill.

The Getac V200 is a fully rugged convertible notebook that can also be converted into a tablet PC with a twist of its display screen. Its toughness and durability is evident in its design with a magnesium alloy casing build to be MIL-STD-810G and IP65 compliant which are standards used for product toughness and durability. This notebook also has a shock mounted hard drive as well as sealed I/O caps and ports to prevent damage caused by both solid particles and moisture.

The Getac V200 is also quite impressive performance wise with an Intel Core i7 2.0 GHz dual core processor running it. It also features a QuadraClear multi-touch display that makes it sunlight-readable. It also has a 2GB DDR3 RAM, an integrated 2MP camera and offers WiFi and 3G connectivity. The Getac V200 will be available through authorized dealers by October of this year. There’s no information available on how much it will cost.

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