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Foodography 5 – Brand Awareness – Image 1

19 January 2014 8 Comments

Foodography 5 – Brand Awareness – Image 1
155171007 bd3b2976d5 Foodography 5   Brand Awareness   Image 1

Image by Sam Breach
This is the first of the three
photographs I am submitting for Foodography 5 – ‘Brand Awareness’.
This is my favourite entry because it best answers the brief (in my mind).

"feature the products name in unique and interesting ways. The image
must include an area of space for a small amount of text to be
inserted, either blank space or a blurred area. You are given free
reign to interpret the product and the brief in anyway you see fit but
no text should be added to the image, any wording must come from the
product itself."

By over-exposing I managed to create a white area that would be
perfect for text. I like the way it is framed.

This is the only picture of the three that hints at the actual product
(Raspberry Vodka) as well as the brand name (Hangar One) which is
evident in all three entries.

Because this is a vodka you would expect to find in cool/hip/stylish
bars I tried to shoot the photgraphs in that kind of style, with the
kind of lighting that suggests a party atmosphere. I also wanted to
get the red in to give a feel of the raspberry intensity, even though
in normal conditions the bottle looks more black than red.

I used totally natural ligting conditions and didn’t correct the
photos much, if at all. They are mainly backlit by the sun and

One interesting fact – I started off dressed in white but ended
reflecting myself into the bottles so I had to change into a totally
red outfit. Also I had to but a red base down on the table top I was
using to keep the red mood.

Somehow I can just imagine this being a double page magazine spread, the start of an article about Hangar One with the text commencing in the empty white area.

pixel Foodography 5   Brand Awareness   Image 1


  • Gil-Blas said:

    I like this pic too. I didn’t know it’s a vodka (thought it’s a nonalcoholic beverage) so it gives the proper information about it, but not on the count of the brand name.
    The white area is a bit distracting the eye (maybe with the writing it’ll be different) maybe the same red color and a black writing?
    Well done!

  • wine_scribbler said:

    I’m with Gil-Bas I don’t like this one much due to the big white patch. I can see why you have it and why you would like it but for me… no…

  • Sam Breach said:

    Just trying to answer your brief. No one else seemed to much take into account the specification for space for text, at least not in a particularly creative or controlled way. I do agree maybe it is a bit too white, perhaps I should have tried to make that area pinker and less burnt out. it would be interesting to see it with the graphics, but I am not too hot at graphic design.

  • Sam Breach said:

    about having the full word vodka showing – its not necessary. It’s perfectly obvious its vodka without having to spell it out to people in such an obvious fashion. I was trying to capture a mood instead of simply snap a logo.

  • Lara Ferroni said:

    I definitely get the hip-club feeling from these. I like all three quite a bit. In this one, I think I agree that a less bright place for the text would help… it’s so contrasty to the rest of the image. That said, with a bit of text, it might balance out. Definitely like the composition of this one the best though.

    In all of these shots, I love the light reflections in the bottles. It adds energy and emotion. Loved the story of having to change what you were wearing too! Great insight that I think can probably help others…

  • *katyusha* said:

    I’m with Gil-Blas and Andrew, the white area is not doing it for me, but perhaos that’s just a subjective opinion.

  • Haalo said:

    At first glance I thought the word that’s partially showing was vinegar, rather than hangar so to me it appeared to be something like strawberry or raspberry vinegar – if it had been in a magazine I would have just flicked to the next page.

  • Sam Breach said:

    ha ha – but thats exactly what magazines are FOR!! flicking to the next page!

    Hangar One themselves have told me they love them, so I am glad there are some happy customers out there

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