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[ 12 May 2011 | No Comment ]

Pippa Middleton is getting a big problem, since her sexy photos one by one circulating freely on the internet. The 27 years old female who have the original name Philippa Charlote Middleton was not directly responding about her topless pictures, although friend of Middleton family said the circulation of the photos were made Middleton large families panic.
The first photo shows Pippa wearing only a bikini, now turn her topless photos are circulating in cyberspace. That is an old photo and was taken five years ago when she was on holiday …

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[ 10 May 2011 | No Comment ]

Is Home Alone House for sale?
Yes, the house that used for filming “Home Alone” the movie, in the Chicago suburb of Winnetka, Illinois is for sale. In this house, Kevin, which is played by Macaulay Culkin is maintaining the house from thieves attack. This legendary house is for sale up to $ 2.4 million.
A house with two floors that are part of the history of box office movie has a four-room master suite, a carved marble fireplace mantle and the infamous attic bedroom.
To refresh our memory, let’s look at the …

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[ 10 May 2011 | No Comment ]

13-year periodical cicadas are coming back to life in a field near you this summer. This species of cicada was last seen around 1998 and could reach an amount of about 1.5 million per hectare in some areas.
Nancy Hinkel, a professor of the Department of Entomology at the University of Georgia said, besides of the 13-year cicadas, in the state of Georgia also found the 17 year cicadas.
There are 23 broods of periodical cicadas, includes three different groups for the 13 year periodical cicadas and 20 different groups for the …

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[ 10 May 2011 | No Comment ]

Alicia Silverstone and Christopher Jarecki were overwhelmed with happiness. The couple was with a boy named Blu Bear on Thursday, May, 5 2011 be blessed. Alicia reportedly gave birth on water birth method at a hospital in Los Angeles.
“Alicia and Christopher fell in love again with their new little boy, ” said Alicia and Christopher spokesperson.
Currently ‘Batman & Robin’ star is rumored to already be at home with her son. Before pregnancy Alicia had no secret of her desire to have a baby. She even used maternity clothes when appearing …

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[ 9 May 2011 | No Comment ]

Whitney Houston has entered rehab facility. A source says she checked herself into a plant about 10 days ago, and allowed to leave the rehab facility with a monitor. Another source says, she’s being there to cleaning up herself to get ready for a new movie.”
The I Will Always Love You singer, 47, has publicly drugs and alcohol in the past fought to enter rehab in both 2004 and 2005. More recently, Houston’s 18-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina has been in an alleged cocaine scandal of its own prisoners.
Whitney Houston spokesperson …

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[ 7 May 2011 | No Comment ]

This video really does not make sense. A guy openly touches his girlfriend’s private parts on a crowded train. What did he do?
No one knows for sure what prompted this incident occurred, either because the woman’s intimate parts itch, or the man deliberately provoke the woman’s lust or what? Clearly this shameful deed was recorded by another train passenger.
Hong Kong’s young people grow freely and seemed indifferent to their environment. Look at the following video. The man was busy rubbing his hands on the girl’s intimate parts, but the girl …

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[ 7 May 2011 | No Comment ]

Osama bin Laden, before he died, allegedly planning a terror attack again in some cities the United States. This information is obtained from the files that were seized from bin Laden safe house in Abbotabad, Pakistan.
As quoted by the CNN, security official sources said there was a note which said in February 2010, several members of Al Qaeda discussed to disrupt rail transportation system in the United States.
The action was scheduled to be held in autumn this year, when the 10th anniversary of terror attacks 11 September 2001, known as …