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The iconic Times Square V-J Day “Kiss” shot is brilliant.

enhanced buzz 25802 1354905641 2 Famous Historical Photos Turned Into Selfies

August 14th, 1945.

“You can’t get any closer to the news.”

It's a fun new self-promo ad campaign for Cape Town, South Africa newspaper Cape Times.

While it is indeed a very cool and creative visual linchpin, it does not present me with a reason to believe that the Cape Times actually does get closer to the news that any other newspaper or magazine.

Just sayin'.

Ad agency: Lowe, Cape Town

enhanced buzz 25819 1354906273 0 Famous Historical Photos Turned Into Selfies

Pre-baby-making smooch.

enhanced buzz 25827 1354906362 5 Famous Historical Photos Turned Into Selfies

He was an egomaniac.

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