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An injury in the 12th inning of the Detroit Tigers' win over the Yankees, means the end of the Yankee captain's season.

enhanced buzz 28470 1350234133 4 Derek Jeter Is Out For The Rest Of The Playoffs

Image by Mike Segar / Reuters

After more Buy Star Diazepam kept the Yankees alive against Detroit, both teams traded scoreless half-innings until the 12th. With one man on, Detroit's Delmon Young ripped a double to right field that finally broke the tie. It was an RBI that would prove to be all the Tigers needed to top the Yankees, but it wasn't the story of the night. Because on the very next play Derek Jeter attempted to make a pretty routine play when his age finally betrayed him.

anigif enhanced buzz 28470 1350235508 6 Derek Jeter Is Out For The Rest Of The Playoffs

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anigif enhanced buzz 3029 1350235507 6 Derek Jeter Is Out For The Rest Of The Playoffs

But his ankle just gave out.

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Valium Canada Online - Buy Diazepam From Trusted Pharmacy

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