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An HDR Photo Contest to Win a New 15″ Macbook Pro!

13 January 2014 94 Comments

An HDR Photo Contest to Win a New 15″ Macbook Pro!
3143441058 20788d7090 An HDR Photo Contest to Win a New 15 Macbook Pro!

Image by Stuck in Customs
The full contest post is here on my blog at stuckincustoms.com/2008/12/27/an-hdr-photo-contest-to-win… – so come over to follow the results, should you have a passing interest!

As you guys and gals know, I love processing photos using various HDR techniques! Many of you initially came here through my tutorial, and I know you either just like viewing the stuff, or trying it out on your own. Well I’m always trying new products and there is a new one coming out called HDR MAX. I got a preview of it and I talked with the Mark (the owner) about having a contest. I thought it sounded like fun, since many people here like playing with this stuff as much as I do! You can get a trial copy of HDR MAX here (link to Ariea) for trial and send your submissions to submissions@ariea.com. If you want to go ahead and buy it, he gave me a coupon code of "StuckInCustoms" for off. I’ll be sure to mention the winner that he selects in a future post!

Here are the details of the contest Mark is running:

1) Send the photos you process using HDR Max to submissions@ariea.com before January 31st 2009, 11:59pm PST

2) Winner will be decided in the following week and posted.

3) First prize gets a new 15" 2.4GHz MacBook Pro ! 2nd and 3rd prize get free copies of HDR Max

If, for fun, you’d like to post a few of your submissions below in the comments, be my guest! Also – no worries about me entering the contest – I disqualified myself! icon smile An HDR Photo Contest to Win a New 15 Macbook Pro!

I made these images below (images on the blog entry) with HDR Max and I think they came out quite nice, don’t you? This first and third are from Indonesia and the second is from Montana.

(Please note that if you have questions about HDR Max or about the Contest, please post here or on my blog — I’ll ask Mark to come answer – he is better equipped to do so than me! )

pixel An HDR Photo Contest to Win a New 15 Macbook Pro!


  • Bret Konsdorf said:

    very cool. Thanks. great picture

    Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

  • Lollygagging said:

    Love this Trey!

    At least with you out of the contest someone else has a chance to win! lol

    excellent~ :-)

  • Jon in Thailand said:

    Beautiful tone,perspective,composition and Dof …..Jon in Thailand….

  • John Peter Photography said:

    super pov

    Happy New Year!!!

  • Patrick.Brian said:

    Great photo. I love the mountains in the distance. Great work.

  • Michael LaPalme said:

    Super view. I hope to visit Borobudur someday. Fantastic.

  • Joel Bedford said:

    well done, man! this really warrants the HDR…good technique!

  • David M Hogan said:

    This is magnificent, well done!!

  • yellowrubberduck said:

    cool shot!

  • Fionn Luk said:

    Brilliant shot! I love the mountains.

  • wade in da water said:

    I can’t improve on any comments, but this is beautiful.

  • Jon Ramsey Photography said:


  • iceman9294 said:

    thanks for sharing Trey…

  • ms4jah said:

    I want to win, how do I win?

  • Otaibian said:

    Coool idea. I’am in.

  • klondike kid said:

    excellent shot……

  • bharat1980 said:

    Absolutely spectacular shot – picture looks best in when viewed in large size!! :)

  • Frogman! said:

    downloaded the trial version. When i try to open it, it gives me an unknown error message…
    Great pic by the way

  • Ðeni said:


  • Ryan O. Hicks said:

    interesting i may try this with an old house i shot the other day.

  • Eye on World (.) said:


  • 5ERG10 said:

    fantastic hdr! will check out the contest!

  • the-earth-colors said:

    ok, I’ll give this a try, see if how good this hdr software against photomatix. by the way this hdr is awesome.

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  • khairallah tammah said:

    great shot lovely

  • nrtphotos said:

    hmmm it doesn’t seem to work on my mac…

  • wishiwsthr said:

    I’m going to give it a go. I’m glad you disqualified yourself.
    Amazingly sharp picture, the hdr is perfection, it looks like studio lighting.

  • Daniel Familia said:


  • Arthur Seabra said:

    thanks for the heads up…i just shot some bracketed raws today, will try the software out. what a great idea to run a contest to entice people to try the software and potentially buy, the price of the macbook is chump change in comparison to what he’ll rake in with people buying after trying, if the software is good of course. great business sense!

  • sofvan said:

    was jst wondering…is this contest open for the whole wide world or is it just for US?

  • nrtphotos said:

    it only seems to work with jpgs.. it only shows static if i use nef files


  • Vaeltaja said:

    Excellent capture.

  • ftoomschb - hmmm said:

    Man that is so beautiful! You sure get around don’t you? :)

  • ibrahem N. ALNassar said:

    Beautiful and Great shot!!

  • stevewhis said:

    great job, love all the details and textures in the stones. thanks much for the tutorial – has helped my work a lot

  • Adr?en said:

    great job, good idea !! I’ll take part in the contest !!

  • ikoophotos said:

    awesome capture
    really fantastic work!!
    Great shot…!! Have a great Weekend my friend…..
    you and your family a fabulous
    Happy New Year 2009

  • The_Photo_Boy said:

    good shot, well done!

  • blurredfoto said:

    perfect composition. great capture! Wish u a fab Sunday.

  • moisesdiaz said:

    Incredible image.

  • e.breizh said:

    magnific, nice perspective !

  • o????carlo said:

    Beautiful image!!!

  • david.richter said:

    Killer composition there Trey! Really love the detail on the stones which brought HDR Max out nicely. It seems to be what many would call a "beginner HDR tool" LOL … The adjustments are pretty limited to me. I am totally missing something like the detail enhancer functions in Photomatix — not that I would love to see more of those let’s see how many surreal colors I could pull out of my shots HDRs… just saying. (If I did not find them yet, please let me know!) What I like about it is the clean structure (very PS like) and the individual settings for exposures and the whole HDR. Surely a useful tool for people who do not want to buy Photoshop but I still stick with my good ole p’matix… Happy New Year!

    P.s. You have to check the box in the preferences to automatically align images in case you are struggling with your exposures. ;)

  • Stefano 'spirocheta' Sitzia said:

    grande foto!!!!!

  • Daskalakis Nikos said:

    Nice point of view!

  • Erroba said:

    Stunning result !


    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called EAQIO, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

  • Haksaeng said:

    Your photos never cease to amaze.

  • Sheraz Shaukat (Intaglio) said:

    Brilliant Shot ! Very well composed.

  • nightchrome said:

    Wow, what an excellent angle.

  • Stuck in Customs said:

    Thanks everyone…

    As for questions around HDR Max or the contest – I am not the best to answer — I just added this text above:

    (Please note that if you have questions about HDR Max or about the Contest, please post here or on my blog — I’ll ask Mark to come answer – he is better equipped to do so than me! )

  • No. 1 KUMAG said:

    Wishing you all the best this coming year!

  • Bernai Velarde Photography © said:

    This is outstanding, great processing!

  • Steve_Coopat said:

    Great shot. Borobudur is an incredible experience!

  • khaldoon Saleh said:

    nice pattern and great shot

  • fotophriendly said:

    this is an Awesome image… gr8 perspective!

  • Don Mo said:

    How did you go to that place?

  • chevy chic/ NOW..suzanne__williams said:

    Awesome image…

  • Doktor Dumbom said:

    great photo!

  • Peter Gorges said:

    Great idea about the contest, and I love the image too – looks real/unreal like Myst or Uru.

  • *Y?ss* said:

    This place is absolutely wonderful!! And your shots there just stunning!!!

  • jc ynion said:

    Hey sir, thanks. Seems like fun. HDR max is easy to use, at least for me who have never done a HDR. But got few questions, how many photos are allowed per person? Is it ok to do some alignments with different software and do the HDR using HD MAX?


  • hdrmax said:

    Thanks to everyone for trying out HDR MAX.

    Some Windows Vista users are reporting a somewhat common problem related to Microsoft’s UAC feature when attempting to install HDR MAX. The steps to resolve this are listed here:

    The issue with NEF (and any other RAW formats) files not loading properly is being addressed at the moment, and a fix should be available shortly with a follow-up post here and at Stuck In Customs.

    For anyone else experiencing issues, please don’t hesitate to contact support@ariea.com for personal assistance.

    Contest guidlines can be viewed here:
    Anyone can enter, and there is no limit to the number of submissions you can enter.

    Thank you!

  • neilalderney123 said:

    Oh fun!!

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  • hdrmax said:

    For those who were experiencing issues loading various RAW image formats, this issue should be resolved. To update HDR MAX with the latest update, go to Help > Updates in the application menu bar. Download the update, make sure HDR MAX is closed and run it.

    If you have not installed HDR MAX yet, you will not need to run the update. Version 1.3.2 is up and available to download.

    If you have any further problems, please don’t hesitate to contact support@ariea.com for assistance.

    Thank you!

  • *Cake said:

    Sweet texture and details, I shall follow up with that contest :)

  • Foto-X™ (censored now) said:

    Hi, let’s share this great photo with Günün En ?yisi – The Best of Day (Post 1 – Comment 3)

    Günün En ?yisi – The Best of Day
    Please tag your photo: GününEn?yisi, TheBestOfDay

  • hk471 said:

    Gorgeous and inspiring shot!

  • ~ CarLee Photography ~ said:

    Great image love the clouds in the background..subtle HDR for sure :) Car

  • kamalyakta said:

    Moment and tone very exiting!!! keren

  • Verticordia ( . . . ) said:

    Wow very cool contest. Of course I love the Photo. I wonder what Laura is doing. She and the kids love to go play here when they can.

    I thought of quotes after reading your write up regarding your daughter’s fairy photo and you probably have heard them but they seemed to fit. One was by Buddha … I wasn’t going to post them here’s few in light this photo:

    “Reality is merely an illusion, although a very persistent one”
    ~Albert Einstein

    “The gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge.”
    ~Albert Einstein

    “A wise man, recognizing that the world is but an illusion, does not act as if it is real, so he escapes the suffering.”

    “I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
    ~Dr. Seuss

  • sadhuism said:

    hi, regarding the contest, one pic per-entry?

  • .aditya. said:

    Brilliant shot!! Awesome dynamic range.

  • aaronernestoortizlopez said:

    Awesome tones!

  • suzijphotography said:


  • Verticordia ( . . . ) said:

    Mark, what about win2000? I am using service Pack 4 win2000 – will HDRMAX run on it?I haven’t tried installing it yet. I am not asking you to accommodate me. I would like try it but I have what I have and I ain’t gots no more. The fraudster’s got my good computer and she’s not giving it back. So there you go and there you have it. What do you think? I’ll try to install it.

  • Verticordia ( . . . ) said:

    nope – won’t install – i suspected it be so.

  • Alisha DuFresne said:


  • ~Svanhildur~ / ...2 Busy 4 Flickr... :( / said:

    Brilliant composition and a very interesting place!
    Great work!

  • Doug van Kampen said:

    Thanks for the heads up Trey….I’m all over this!

  • cosmosvortex_2006 said:

    Here is my first one using HDR Max
    Found this SUV where it had slid into a wall then burst into flames!
    3 Exposure shot then processed in HDR Max

    James Heckt Burn Out HDR Max

  • Bob M. Montgomery Images said:

    It’s a Catch-22 for me. I can’t run HDR Max on my non-Intel machine, but I can’t win the Intel Mac without HDR Max. Nuts. :D

  • Verticordia ( . . . ) said:

    Wow, after reading the product write-up, HDR Max is vast improvement over Photomax. The interface looks nice too,. I’ll see if I can borrow an Xp machine. I am dying to try it out. Brilliant idea Trey! Looks like it’s got killer ap writen all over it LOL ??? Cool! Nice work as usual and I just love Borobudur! :)

  • M.a.h.S said:

    Beautiful shot :) …. Wishing you and family a very Happy & Prosperous New Year…

  • Pétur Gunn Photograpphy said:

    Great stuff!

  • said:


    beautiful picture.

  • Paulo Veiga said:

    Fantastic HDR!!!AMAZING shot!!

  • d.photogal said:

    awesome golden light!!

    ill give the HDR max a go over the weekend, :)

  • hdrmax said:

    A few updates have been added over the last few days, so make sure you are using the latest version (1.3.4). Be sure the update works by checking Help > About HDR MAX in the menu bar.

    Thanks to all those who have submitted their photo’s. Remember, there is no limit to the number of entries you can submit and anyone is allowed to enter the contest.

    And thanks also for the wonderful feedback thus far. The more requests received for a particular feature, the higher priority it will receive, and the faster it will be released!

    Again, if you have any issues, or feedback, contact support@ariea.com

    Thank you!

  • CharleneM50 said:

    LOvely pic!

  • jul_ken said:

    Wonderful place to visit!


    One word: WOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

  • londonconstant said:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called ARCHITECTURE and GEOLOGY, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

  • JiLLa ZiLLa said:

    This is freakin awesome- this is a real place? Those bells hm?

  • Cakes by No More Tiers (York) said:

    Lovely photo – what an amazing looking place! Another one to add to my travel wishlist…

  • Officer Phil said:

    I have modified this photo into a "virtual realty" format. You can see it at:




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