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Alex Athorne’s C&D Folio
4030060764 c1aee4ee3d Alex Athornes C&D Folio

Image by Buy Star Diazepam
Alex had a unique approach to the production of his design folio work. Alex was constantly drawing. He spent most of his classtime just drawing, even when he was supposed to be doing something else. He needed to draw to think. So what you see here isn’t necessarily pretty but this folio is stuffed with ideas. Alex’s approach demonstrates precisely and accurately the method of idea generation and refinement promoted by the department. Note the large number of drawings on eachpage. this allows the student to easily cross reference and tag from one idea to the next. Extensive annotation also helps to reveal design thinking and comments should always be relevant and refer back to the specification. It is clear that Alex has a thorough understanding of the more technical aspects of the course and he repeatedly suggests ways in which his concepts might be made.

Alex went on to do very well at Higher Product Design. Some of his work also features on this site. He’s now studying maths at Warwick University.

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