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The late prodigy Aaron Swartz was a product of — and an engine behind — the Web's open-access culture.

enhanced buzz 23507 1360794640 2 Aaron Wants To Be Free

Source: Buy Star Diazepam  /  via: Buy Diazepam Next Day Delivery

Aaron Swartz was a little embarrassed.

The man beside him pointed out some of the big names. There was Ken Starr. Alan Greenspan. Jack Valenti, the Hollywood grandee. And Sonny Bono’s widow, Mary, the Congressional ringleader opposing Aaron's camp.

enhanced buzz 20117 1360796900 0 Aaron Wants To Be Free

Image by Paul Sakuma-Pool/Getty (Starr), Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images (Greenspan), Bruno Vincent/Getty Images (Valenti), Kevin Winter/Getty Images (Bono)

With a deafening snap, everyone stood at attention. “…Oyez! Oyez Oyez!” the marshal cried. The second snap Aaron discerned as a gavel.

If anyone was wondering how a bushy-haired, unshowered teenager made it inside the nation’s highest court, they needed look no farther than the courtroom floor. All eyes had fallen on the petitioner's counsel, the “Elvis of cyberlaw,” as the press crowned him.

Lawrence Lessig, the Stanford professor and noted author, had invited Aaron personally.

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