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Jacoby Jones beat pro football's resident homophobe, Chris Culliver, for a tremendous touchdown.

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anigif enhanced buzz 11705 1359939466 3 A Ravens Receiver Just Won A Football Victory For Gay Rights

And it was the right move: Flacco had a wide open Jacoby Jones sprinting down the field. Jones makes the grab —

anigif enhanced buzz 5082 1359939976 0 A Ravens Receiver Just Won A Football Victory For Gay Rights

— then gets up and takes it into the end zone. Great throw, great catch, great touchdown. But wait — who was it that Jones beat?

anigif enhanced buzz 19017 1359939495 6 A Ravens Receiver Just Won A Football Victory For Gay Rights

Is it? Yep: that's Chris Culliver. Remember Chris Culliver?

anigif enhanced buzz 20219 1359939566 5 A Ravens Receiver Just Won A Football Victory For Gay Rights

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