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Clearly, Sarah Paulson really likes being on the news. Warning: MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!

Each season of FX’s anthology series American Horror Story stands on its own, but when the final episode of Coven, the third season, aired on Wednesday, it was hard not to notice the throwbacks to the Asylum finale last season. Lana Banana and 'Delia and Sistah Jude and Fiona had more in common than we thought!

(Seriously though, SPOILER ALERT!)

grid cell 22224 1391106523 17 9 Times The American Horror Story: Coven Finale Borrowed From Asylum

The Supreme portraits at Miss Robichaux's in the Coven finale.

FX via Jaimie Etkin / BuzzFeed

grid cell 22224 1391106525 19 9 Times The American Horror Story: Coven Finale Borrowed From Asylum

Lana's framed photos and artwork in the Asylum finale.

FX via Jaimie Etkin / BuzzFeed

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