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Carnival — the indulgent pre-Lent festival celebrated around the world — ended Tuesday. Relive the madness here.

enhanced buzz 28300 1360784849 13 47 Gorgeous, Insanely Colorful Costumes At Carnival

Rio de Janeiro's Sambadrome

Image by SERGIO MORAES / Reuters

enhanced buzz 4421 1360784674 4 47 Gorgeous, Insanely Colorful Costumes At Carnival

Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain

Image by ANDREA DE SILVA / Reuters

enhanced buzz 32121 1360784669 4 47 Gorgeous, Insanely Colorful Costumes At Carnival

Panama City

Image by RODRIGO ARANGUA / Getty Images

enhanced buzz 32144 1360785609 13 47 Gorgeous, Insanely Colorful Costumes At Carnival

Rio de Janeiro's Sambadrome

Image by AFP / Getty Images

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