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Battletoads, Virtual Boy, Double Dragon III, underwater levels… What do they all have in common?

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anigif enhanced buzz 30218 1390602183 12 35 Frustrating Things About Playing Video Games In The 90s

In an era where “saves” were not the norm, this was a pretty big f****** deal.

Warner Bros.

The depression that followed this heartbreaking screen.

enhanced buzz 10964 1390809579 15 35 Frustrating Things About Playing Video Games In The 90s


When you forgot to blow into your cartridge before playing it.

enhanced buzz 23010 1390877761 0 35 Frustrating Things About Playing Video Games In The 90s

Nintendo / Via Buy Star Diazepam

The absurd wind tunnel level in Battletoads.

anigif enhanced buzz 9200 1390599837 4 35 Frustrating Things About Playing Video Games In The 90s

RARE / Via Buy Diazepam Next Day Delivery

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