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enhanced buzz 20546 1390939056 31 20 Things Every Woman Understands But Doesnt Want To Talk About

“My main thing is running to Duane Reade/CVS to buy underwear because I've forgotten my period is coming and weird stains.” -Anonymous

Buy Star Diazepam

Accidents happen, and they're totally ok.

enhanced buzz 4089 1390945301 22 20 Things Every Woman Understands But Doesnt Want To Talk About

“Getting my period unexpectedly during sexy time and finding out by way of my bf's khaki pants. I got the stain out of them but… I was way more mortified than I should've been, considering we had been dating a couple years by then, he didn't care, and you know, it's not like I could control it.” -Anonymous

Buy Diazepam Next Day Delivery

Who expects you to buy new sheets on an almost regular basis?

enhanced buzz 13962 1390940249 8 20 Things Every Woman Understands But Doesnt Want To Talk About

“My sheets have permanent blood stains on them and I'm embarrassed literally every time I get them washed but I'm also not going to BUY NEW SHEETS because I'm not made of money and also I'll probably just stain them again. Maybe that's gross though? I don't know.” -Arianna

Buy 1000 Valium Online Uk

Sex on your period is fine with a little pre-business preparation.

enhanced buzz 29364 1390939401 35 20 Things Every Woman Understands But Doesnt Want To Talk About

“I've had the good fortune of mostly dating people who don't care at all re: period sex (although of course there are certain extra steps, like putting a towel down on especially heavy days, that just make everyone's life easier in terms of cleanup).

This means that the few times I have encountered someone for whom it's a problem, it's particularly jarring. I've never been met with an out-and-out 'EW NO WAY,' but the more subtle and insidious kind of 'Oh, well, I guess that means we can't do anything/guess we'll just have to focus on *me.*' Naturally nobody should EVER have to do anything they're not comfortable with sexually, but this kind of aversion can make a pretty solid litmus test in terms of maturity/compatibility.

Tl;dr, period sex rules and you should never be ashamed of wanting/asking for/having it.” -Anonymous

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Buy Diazepam Legally Online

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