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Bizarre funny ads. Creepy funny ads. Disgusting funny ads. Hot men and hot women. But NO David Beckham.

How To Order Valium Online - Buy Diazepam Europe

enhanced buzz 25228 1362507245 13 18 Funny Mens Underwear Ads

Via Madrid.
A sidewalk installation complete with penis-level shattered glass promoting package-plumping Unno anatomical underwear. That's a live model inside. It looks like he's wearing an ice hockey goalie's cup.


enhanced buzz 25400 1362506684 3 18 Funny Mens Underwear Ads

Via Belgium.
Ad agency: DDB, Brussels.

Miroslav Underwear

enhanced buzz 25093 1362506052 5 18 Funny Mens Underwear Ads

Via Australia.
This is one of the rare ads I've seen where I said: “I wish I had created that.”
So wonderfully bizarre, and no product shot!
Three more ads from the campaign below, plus an insane TV spot.
Ad agency: M&C Saatchi, Australia.

Miroslav Underwear

enhanced buzz 25214 1362506296 15 18 Funny Mens Underwear Ads

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