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159/365: This is today

14 January 2014 14 Comments

159/365: This is today
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Image by Mr.Thomas
Umm, here’s an idea. Moto crawled up on my back and dug in. Mrs.Thomas saved me and got him down. Then I though it would make good a picture, so I whipped out my camera and tripod.
I think it turned out pretty cool.

pixel 159/365: This is today


  • meggyecske said:

    There probably is a pool. Once when I took a picture in a green t-shirt, someone asked me to post the image to a green t-shirt pool – LOL.
    The cat is adorable. Hope your back survived!

  • Mr.Thomas said:

    Yep, my back survived. I didn’t find one, so I have now created one. Sadly I had 18 pictures of me wearing a yellow shirt to put into the pool.

  • Snowfire11? said:

    Great shot! And you’re nuts! I just joined the group, even though I only have one yellow shirt. You never know! =)

  • Mr.Thomas said:

    Thank you. and Thank you.
    Hey cool, well since we’re probably the only ones, I should make you and admin of it. For that matter, if anybody else joins they should be admin too. Unless they are into weird creepy stuff.

  • Snowfire11? said:

    "Unless they are into weird creepy stuff."

    LOL! Indeed. Do you think there could really be a weird yellow shirt fetish? Apparently there is a wrist/wrist watch fetish. Who knew?? But, I notice the weirdo who left comments has deleted his account (or was deleted).

    Seen in my recent comments. (?)

  • Mr.Thomas said:

    I don’t know what those weird creepy people are into. I just wish they would keep their weird creepy stuff to themselves. Yeah, I remember seeing the watch weirdo.

  • chickenpeel said:

    Cats are great, Tiffany hates ours…lol

  • Mr.Thomas said:

    Cats are okay. Our older one Max is quite a content cat now, but he was a hellion for the first seven years. Moto the kitten is still in toddler stage, constantly into everything.

  • DenisenFamily said:

    See now that’s just too cute!

  • Mr.Thomas said:

    Moto did turn out looking even cuter than I expected.

  • dreaming in blues said:

    this is very cool!

  • Mr.Thomas said:

    Thank you. Sorry to hear that Merlin has gone away.

  • aubecherie said:

    Awww, this is cute so I’m favoriting it! :-)

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  • Mr.Thomas said:

    Thank you. I think it turned out even cooler than I expected.

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