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This guy has a long history with breaking the law.

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enhanced buzz 3026 1390494610 20 12 Other Crimes Against Humanity That Justin Bieber Has Committed

Defecation in your pants isn't cool!!!

Fameflynet Pictures

Crime against hats:

enhanced buzz 24922 1390494610 11 12 Other Crimes Against Humanity That Justin Bieber Has Committed

Secondary crime: wearing a dangerous weapon.

Fameflynet Pictures

Crime against hats second offense:

enhanced buzz 24866 1390494603 12 12 Other Crimes Against Humanity That Justin Bieber Has Committed

And another secondary crime by wearing sunglasses inside.

Fameflynet Pictures

Crime against pants:

enhanced buzz 31370 1390496239 13 12 Other Crimes Against Humanity That Justin Bieber Has Committed

The jester must be punished.

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